Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Veterans Memorial

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A Gift for Those
Who Gave Everything

About Our Memorial for Fallen Veterans in Becker, MN

Since its inception, the United States of America has been at the vanguard of defending the principles of freedom, liberty, and self-determination. Today, the people of the Union remain vigilant and answer the call to duty so that future generations may enjoy prosperity and the prospect of a brighter tomorrow. The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are but the latest in a series of conflicts which continue to test America’s resolve. The citizenry endures, but it comes at great cost.

Countless men and women have paid the ultimate price in defense of this Land of the Free. Our memorial for fallen veterans in Becker, MN, celebrates American soldiers and the sacrifices they have made during the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We invite you to visit our memorial, pay your respects to the fallen, and support our mission to honor the members of our military who gave everything to preserve the values that our nation cherishes.

Our Location

The Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Veterans Memorial is an apple orchard near the town of Becker. It is marked by a solemn fence, measuring 10 feet high and encompassing an area of 20,000 square feet. We mark the fence with dog tags of fallen soldiers. To date, we honor more than 6,000 service members. The memorial orchard also includes benches for visitors to use.

Our Memorial

The memorial illustrates the sacrifices that must be made in service to the country--as well as the hope that grows from conflict and loss. We plan to incorporate different military memorial services throughout the site. We are in the process of publishing a guide book, which will assist visitors in finding the locations of dog tags of specific soldiers.

Memorial Maintenance

The memorial will stand to honor veterans for years to come. We are accepting donations to assist with the maintenance of the memorial. Proceeds will go towards hiring a dedicated groundskeeper to preserve the integrity of the fencing, dog tags, trees, and other elements of the site. Please consider donating to our local memorial and keep the memory of our fallen service members alive.

Contact us to learn more about our memorial for fallen veterans. We are located in Becker, MN.

We are a 501 C3 non-profit. All donations are tax exempt.